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Tuesday, June 13, 2017:   Bring Me My Throw Up Pot
On Monday (June 12th) the king and his court held their first full meeting. The Trumpster, after complimenting himself as being history's most successful president, went around the table asking for a statement from each member of his court. One by one, they said their names and as if working to outdo one another paid homage to his highness, describing how honored they were to serve in his administration. Unfortunately, we in the peasant population don't have the same reverence for his highness. According to a June 11th Gallup poll, fifty-nine percent disapprove of the job Trump is doing with only 36 percent approving.

If this meeting doesn't tell you how incredibly sick this man is, nothing will and the fact that his appointees are a bunch of gutless suck ups means there is no hope.

Friday, June 9, 2017:   Armed and Dangerous
On June 5, 2017, Army veteran John Robert Neumann, Jr. killed five employees of Fiamma Inc. in Orlando, Florida before killing himself. If you actually look at the data, the terrorist you should fear is the American with a gun who is living next door.

In 2015, some 13,286 people were killed in the US by firearms Americans killing Americans. How many Americans were killed by Islamic terrorists in that same year? 20 if you count both the U.S. and Paris attacks. In fact, U.S. toddlers with handguns killed more Americans in 2015 than Islamic terrorists.

So many people die annually from gunfire in the US that the death toll between 1968 and 2011 eclipses all wars ever fought by the country. According to research by Politifact, there were about 1.4 million firearm deaths in that period, compared with 1.2 million US deaths in every conflict from the War of Independence to Iraq.

No official figure exists but there are thought to be about 300 million guns in the US, held by about a third of the population. That is nearly enough guns for every man, woman and child in the country. That means the average gun owner in the U.S. has roughly three firearms. There is only one use for a semiautomatic handgun or assault rifle and that is to kill another human being.

So when are we going to start doing something about our domestic terrorist problem? Not any time soon. The NRA is the primary supporter of domestic terrorism because it is good for business and they own the Republican party. Gun violence sells more guns.

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